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WordPress Developer and Web Designer

I specialize in developing impressive websites with custom designs and features. Responsive, high-performing websites are my passion. I also write code!

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I don’t just want to create a website for you; I want to ensure that your site functions as intended and helps you achieve your goals. I am not limited by WP themes and plugins, so I can provide all the features and functions you desire on your site.

My availability, responsiveness, and communication are excellent, ensuring that we can always get things done efficiently. I start and finish work promptly and I never let your project feel sluggish or abandoned.

Are you ready to get fantastic websites and great experiences? Let’s talk!

Responsive designs 98%
APIs and integrations 78%
Custom code 84%
Design and customization 86%
Content writing 72%
Elementor and other page builders 94%

My Services

Responsive website designs by Daniel Kayode

Responsive sites

I create elegant websites that are visually appealing, function smoothly on all devices, load quickly, and are bug-free.

Custom designs and features by Daniel Kayode

Custom features and designs

With PHP, CSS, and JS, I create designs, functions, and features beyond what most themes and plugins primarily offer.

API and web integrations by Daniel Kayode

APIs and integrations

I connect websites with external apps and tools, such as CRMs, emails, booking software, and payment gateways.

Website optimization and maintenance by Daniel Kayode

Optimization and maintenance

I can help you with fixing bugs and malware on your site, optimizing site display and performance, and maintaining your site.

Site migration and revamp by Daniel Kayode

Migration and site revamp

I can help move your website to a new host and convert it to a different CMS or from a CMS to code.

WordPress and website design services by Daniel Kayode

DNS and other services

I handle tasks such as fixing DNS records, cleaning junk, creating ads, installing tracking code, and creating forms.

Professional Experience

Fiverr Ltd.
Freelancer, 2015 - 2022

I started as a graphic designer and photo editor and then transitioned into the web space where I have assisted over 100 individuals in building, fixing, and scaling their websites and businesses. With over 700 completed orders and counting, I achieved Top Rated Seller (TRS) status on Fiverr.

Undertaking tasks such as website cloning and migration, bug fixing, maintenance and optimization, and implementing custom features has enabled me to rapidly advance in the web space, touch many hearts, and fulfill numerous dreams.

Fiverr Logo
Upwork Inc.
Freelancer, 2021 - present

In 2021, I joined Upwork and have since managed larger and longer projects while collaborating with major corporations and organizations. I have held various roles such as CTO and Senior Developer, attracting both new and seasoned Upwork clients.

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Lystingz Enterprises
Web Dev, 2021 - present

I developed Lystingz, a powerful directory for Nigerian services. Lystingz serves as a bridge between customers and businesses, offering various tools for precise search and location of services as needed by the customer. Additionally, it provides a dashboard and account management features for service providers who list their services on the website.

Check out Lystingz

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Herding Pups
WooCommerce customization, 2023 - present

Herding Pups is a lovely website that enables dog parents to connect with the herding puppies they adore and wish to bring home. By harnessing the capabilities of WooCommerce, Elementor, and Custom Code, I personalized the display of each puppy on various sections of the site such as the homepage preview, catalog page, and past puppy page. Additionally, I overhauled several sections of the website to align with the business's brand.

Visit Herding Pups

Herding Pups logo
LM Tech Hub
Web tasks, 2023 - present

LM Tech Hub provides tech training to tech enthusiasts in Nigeria. I have been working with LM Tech Hub on various tasks such as redesigning the website, creating different forms, launching effective Facebook ads, and integrating booking and payment features to improve the website. Additionally, I regularly perform maintenance and provide support for the business's other websites.

Visit LM Tech

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African Collective
CTO, 2023 - 2024

I worked as the Chief Technology Officer and web developer for African Collective. My responsibilities included creating various pages for the website, ensuring the site met high standards, supervising other freelancers such as web designers, email marketers, and developers, assisting in deploying staging sites, and adding multiple features to the website while ensuring that everything worked smoothly without any conflicts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My availability and dedication is timeless. No matter how long it was since your project was completed, you can still reach out to me for assistance and support.

That’s okay. I can build your site using HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP. If you prefer a codeless solutions, i.e., other CMSes like Weblow, Shopify, etc, I can also create your website using those.

Yes, I can re-develop an existing site into WordPress, whether from static HTML and CSS or from other CMSes. I’ll retain (or improve) your existing design and functions and make sure no data is lost.

Yes, I can. Although this might get tricky in some cases, I have over 90% success in recovering sites that have been hacked or deleted, or websites that are down because of expired hosting.

Yes, I can. I have created sites with retro designs, 80’s design, or futuristic looks. If you have custom designs you love, or ones already created by your designer, I can translate that into a functional website.

That’s okay. A lot of the work I do includes site update, plugin and theme customization, addition of custom features, troubleshooting and bug fixing, security enhancement, and a lot of other things that don’t involve building a website from scratch. You can hit me up with any custom request and I’ll promptly jump in to help.

I’m a full-time freelancer. I’m available all year long, including holidays, festivities, and weekends. I’m constantly available and ready to assist you whenever you come calling.

Yes, I do. I understand how important it is for your website to be in great shape at all times, as well as the need for you to have problems solved as urgently as they come. I therefore work all week long, including Saturdays and Sundays.

Yes, I welcome retainer opportunities.

I can share my USD, Euro, and GBP details with you if you prefer to make direct bank transfers. You can also pay with your card right on the website. If you prefer to use an escrow service, Upwork is available for us.

Nigerian clients can additionally make local bank transfers.

Ready for great things? Let's discuss.

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